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The Social Spotlight on Rosé

leanne / September 6th, 2013

We were pretty thrilled to discover that socially, we are up there with the big boys.

Two nights ago we were acknowledged as an influential wine company, picking up the award for ‘Best Presence in Social Media’ in the wine category at the Drinks Awards. For me personally, this is a tremendous achievement. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a social media tragic; Twitter (a personal favourite), Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram (my newest playmate).

One of the major attributing campaigns to us winning this award was that of Rosé Revolution. Basically, 3 years ago, a bunch of us felt that premium dry Rosé should be celebrated so we decided to do something about it. Driven purely through Social Media and with very little budget (plus the boundless energy of Trish Barry from Mastermind Consulting), Rosé Revolution became a 3 years crusade involving 66 wineries to spruik the benefits and joy of dry (mostly pale but not all) delicious Rosé.

But how do you measure its real success? In our case, you can’t do better than consistently selling out of Rosé each year. More importantly we have seen a much wider awareness of provencal-style Rosé; a wine that translates so well from the South of France to the Australian shores. Our climate is just made for it.

So to all of those like-minded wineries, restaurants, retailers and savvy Rosé drinkers that took a punt on supporting our crazy campaign 3 years ago; thanks muchly.



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