Pinot Noir: One of the great joys in life…

steve / September 9th, 2010

Pinot Noir is one of the great joys of wine. Fine, plump, alluring, detailed, perfume, delicious. Alongside Nebbiolo, it is the noblest of reds.

Grown with great passion and feel, it is nurtured through ferment with minimal but considered winemaking and equally raised with a deft touch through winter and spring, finally to bottle.

It is a wine with great intrigue. A wine that yells of place. It is delicate yet powerful. We love it, breathe it and enjoy drinking buckets of it.

From Stephen Webber, chief winemaker at De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate……

Single Vineyard beauties

We now make several single site Pinot Noirs that are all quite different. Riorret Single Vineyard, PHI, De Bortoli Reserve and De Bortoli Estate Grown wines. Handling of fruit, oak regimes and philosophy are all the same. The difference – place, soil and micro-climate!

We established the Riorret brand about two years ago to make single vineyard Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. There seemed to be so many beautiful and interesting sites in these two regions that we just couldn’t resist – The Abbey, Viggers, Merricks Grove and Balnarring (by the beach)!

PHI is a joint venture between the De Bortoli and Shelmerdine families – similar philosophy; great site, old Pinot vines, Upper Yarra, deep red basalt soils, lovely people.

The De Bortoli Reserve Pinot is a single 1 Hectare site, planted in 1971 from rare clones (MV4 and MV5). It is paler than all the Pinot Noir we make but oozing with power and charm. The Estate Grown Pinot Noir comes from 4 vineyards on the original winery site – our ‘village’ wine.

We also vinify good commercial detailed Pinot Noir under our Gulf Station and Windy Peak brands. These are very difficult to make in large quantities – hand picking, gentle fruit handling, knowing when to do nothing, minimal oak inputs, just charming Pinot fruit driven wines.

Well, if that doesn’t get you excited…..


Experience a Pinot Noir tasting with Steve – click here to watch video

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