It’s a Circus! 2013 Vintage in the Yarra Valley

leanne / March 18th, 2013

Usually around this time each year we are asked for our Vintage Report for the Yarra Valley.(Our thoughts on Vintage Charts can be found by clicking on this link)

Harking back to the days when Murray Tyrrell would be featured on the nightly news, espousing each vintage (in the Hunter Valley) as the best vintage on record, do you expect me to be any different. Each and every vintage is different. Each vintage we try our darndest and we stand proudly behind every vintage we make.

In a nutshell, the Yarra had good winter rainfall followed by a very dry and warm growing season leading into an early harvest that nearly caught our winemakers unawares. One minute we were coasting along, suddenly it was “Oh bugger, everything is ripening…quick, start picking now!”

The date was the 18th February. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay came pouring into the winery; hand-picked and machine harvested. Very hectic time of year with someone usually yelling out at some stage “It’s a … circus!!”

The Chardonnay is medium weight with good flavours and Pinot Noir that is off skins is quite plump, densely coloured and showing early perfume.

Much needed rain arrived in late February to cool the tempers, cool the vines and bring everything back to a state of calmness. Calm winemakers make calm wine (so they say).

In early March we did have some rather warm weather with fine conditions to start reeling in the Shiraz and Cabernet. The early Shiraz is showing lots of promise with good maturity and balanced flavours. Some more welcome rain followed over the weekend (I can’t say I was too displeased for my veggie garden). The scene looks set for a cool, mild Autumn which should result in lovely tannin development for those leaving reds out for a few more weeks.

Overall cropping levels are down to about 20% in most varieties which is not surprising.

Anything else to add will be done over the next few weeks, as our precious wines are nurtured, cajoled and pampered (ditto the winemakers). First Yarra Valley wine to be bottled will most likely be our 2013 La Boheme Pinot Noir Rose (being emptied out of barrel today). Look for it in May and then you too, can rejoice with us.



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