Who makes the best Salami?

leanne / September 28th, 2010

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From Italy…..

Ask any Italian and they will tell you that their family makes THE BEST salami. Ask any Italian and you will get a different recipe for how they make their salami. If they are from the south, they’ll have a higher meat to fat ratio. If they are from the north they’ll have a higher fat to meat ratio. If they are from Abruzzo, they add fennel to their salami and so on and so on.

…to Australia…..

For me, growing up in an Italian community in Australia meant that we would never go lacking for good, home-made salami. Years pass and some traditions have died but salami making is still as strong as ever. When I moved from Griffith (southern NSW) to the Yarra Valley (Victoria), I would receive my ‘care’ packages from my mother; with her free-range eggs, olives and of course, salami.

…to the Yarra Valley

A few years ago, my husband Stephen and I, decided to ‘grow’ our own pig on our Yarra Valley vineyard to make our own salami. What a hoot we had!  Since that first year we now have six pigs. They may not have a long life on this earth but it is a good life. They have free range on good pasture, supplemented by vegies and grain and towards the end of the season, acorns from our oak trees. What a blessed life they lead.

In celebration of provenance

For the last couple of years we have expanded our salami days to include family, friends and friends of friends. Held in June of each year it has turned into a veritable feast with music, hands-on salami making, wine on tap and a delicious luncheon spread. It is a joyous occasion as it should be, a real sense of community in celebration of the provenance of our food.

To check out the video of our salami-making celebration…..click on the photo below. (1min 22 sec)

As for who makes the best salami…..we do!!



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9 thoughts on “Who makes the best Salami?

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested in learning how to make salami and have a group of 10 or so people who would also like to join for the day.
    Do you run classes? if not do you know somewhere that does?



    • Hi Russell, We do run Salami & sausage making courses from time to time though we dont have one planned for the near future. Please send me an email at events@debortoli.com.au and I am more than happy to speak to you about it. Please mark the email att: Leanne. I look forward to hearing from you soon

  2. Hi was wondering when you would be running your next Salami making course and how much they usally are. I would like to enrol my husband in to one if possible
    Regards Angelique Saunders

  3. Hi I would love to do a course in salami making i’ve made a few but want to learn more. Could you please inform me when you are doing your next course and the cost.

    Thank you.

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